Paul Peabody, Violin

PeabodyPAlong with being the only violinist ever to appear on the same stage with Bill Monroe (the father of Bluegrass music) and also with Charles Wuorinen (cough, cough), Wyclef Jean, (founder of the Fugees) played Norwegian style fiddle in the movie Fargo, and recorded an extended solo on “Smile” with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in a rendition of his favorite song. Receiving a special Grammy citation for his celtic fiddle work on “My Heart Will Go On,” he performed on the Grammys with Celine Dion.  He is also the only violinist to have played his Stradiqarius on “Fishbowl Reef” in St. John, USV Islands! These are just a very few of the unusual places he has played the violin. The Stradiquarius, sadly to say, came apart at the seams shortly after this picture was taken (at a depth of 30 feet) and was left under a rock where it became a subject of interest for other scuba divers in the following weeks, whereupon it was obscured by the changing currents and buried by the sand.